Services Cost

Can I afford treatment?

All individuals seeking services at Aspire will participate in a financial screening. We will do our best to determine if you are eligible for any discounts or special funding that may be available. We accept many insurances, including Florida Medicaid. We also have some City, County, State, and Federally funded programs.

Does insurance cover your program?

It is best to contact your insurance directly and find out your Substance Abuse benefits as well as the providers that are in network. The program will verify your mental health/substance benefits with your insurance company.

Aspire accepts insurance. Below is a current list of insurance companies accepted at Aspire.

For those without insurance Aspire may be able to provide charity care of funding resources for those who qualify. For information regarding insurance coverage and other available resources please call 407-875-3700, extension 6186.

I think I might qualify for Social Security and I am an active Aspire consumer benefits but don’t know where to start?

Aspire has a department that might be able to assist you with applying for benefits, Benefit Assistance.

  • In Orange County: 407-875-3700
  • In Seminole County: (407) 321-4357

Services and Fees

Follow this link to view or print Aspire Health Partner’s Services and Fee Schedule.

Price Transparency

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Services and Fees
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