Aspire Health Partners, Inc. – 2024 Services and Fees

Aspire Health Partners, Inc. - 2024 Services and Fees,,
Service DescriptionFeePer Service or per mins/hours
Treatment Plan -0 new or reopened client$180.00service
Brief Behavioral Status Exam$60.0015 mins
Limited Functional Assessment$48.00service
CBHA -0 Comp. Behavioral Health Assessmnt$72.00hour
In-Depth Assessment -0 New Client$240.00service
In-Depth Assessment -0 Established Client$210.00service
Verbal Interaction$30.00service
Treatment Plan Review$108.00service
Vitals/Injection/Specimen Collection$30.00service
Medication Management$150.00service
CHAT -0 Comp. Health Assessment for Teens$10.80service
BHI-Behavioral Health Index -0 ASI-MV$10.80service
Dosing -0 Methadone$42.00daily
Dosing -0 Suboxone$42.00daily
Dosing -0 GUEST$42.00daily
Dosing -0 WEEKLY$294.00weekly
Alcohol Breath Test$30.00service
Office visit -0 new pt.- 10 mins -0 99201$90.00service
Office visit -0 new pt.-20 mins -0 99202$120.00service
Office visit -0 new pt.-30 mins -0 99203$150.00service
Office visit -0 new pt.-45 mins -0 99204$180.00service
Office visit -0 new pt.-60 mins -0 99205$210.00service
Office visit -0 est. pt.- 5 mins -0 99211$60.00service
Office visit -0 est. pt.- 10 mins -0 99212$90.00service
Office visit -0 est. pt.-15 mins -0 99213$120.00service
Office visit -0 est. pt.- 25 mins -0 99214$150.00service
Office visit -0 est. pt.- 40 mins -0 99215$180.00service
Office or other Outpatient Visit -New Client$150.00service
Office or other Outpatient Visit -0 Established Client$150.00service
Substance Test$30.00service
Single Panel Drug Test$30.00service
K2 Sub. Test -0 11 Panel$30.00service
Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation$480.00service
Psychiatric Review of Records$132.00service
Psychological Testing$60.00hour
Group Therapy$30.0015 mins
TBOS -0 Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site$48.0015 mins
Individual Therapy$42.0015 mins
Family Therapy$42.0015 mins
Targeted Case Management -0 Child$36.0015 mins
Targeted Case Management -0 Adult$36.0015 mins
Intensive Team Case Management$36.0015 mins
Psychosocial Rehab$24.0015 mins
Clubhouse Services$24.0015 mins
Program Fee -0 Residential$600.00day
Acute Bed Days$1,200.00Service

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