Internship Development Program

Aspire Health Partners is home to many practicum and internship opportunities for students enrolled in various colleges and universities.  Through these rich, hands-on field experiences, students preparing to enter the helping professions can acquire the skills and guidance needed to work with the community and it’s most under-served members.  Educational programs such as social work, psychology, mental health counseling, marriage and family therapy, criminal justice, sociology, nursing, and other related social service fields partner with Aspire Health Partners to seamlessly link undergraduate and graduate level students to a program at which they can practice real world application of their studies.   Both practicum and internship students receive supervision, support, and guidance from licensed clinicians and qualified supervisors who have acquired years of professional experience and knowledge in their field of study. Aspire Health Partners values giving back to the educational institutions and it’s students who will go on to graduate and join us in our commitment to provide quality behavioral health services for all people in need.

Some of Aspire’s most sought after programs for practicum/internship sites are substance use treatment residentials, outpatient and intensive outpatient, psychosocial rehabilitation, addictions receiving facility, inpatient assessment center, community- and school-based programs, adolescent and juvenile justice programs, and medication assisted treatment.  Each of these programs provides a unique experience working with community members who are struggling with substance use disorders, mental health disorders, homelessness, involvement in the legal system and DCF, as well as those in need of assistance maintaining the responsibilities of everyday life.  This broad range of issues allows students to hone their skills and expertise to carry into their career paths as licensed mental health counselors, licensed clinical social workers, school counselors, certified addictions counselors, occupational therapists, and licensed practical nurses.

The skills, experience, and mentorship that students acquire throughout their time with Aspire Health Partners creates a positive impact on our community and the Florida health care system as a whole.  Students of all fields of study have remained at Aspire Health Partners as full-time employees and have continued to serve their community while also exploring opportunities for growth within their career.  Some of our Directors and Managers were in fact student interns when they first began at Aspire and have risen through the ranks to become some of our most valued members of leadership.

Students entering at the graduate level practicum and internship field experiences, are required to meet all of the pre & post-employment standards as a staff member and may be eligible for a stipend. Please note that some colleges and universities require faculty or a program representative to make the initial contact with Aspire Health Partners in order to recommend a student.  Students are encouraged to check with their program field experience coordinator or faculty advisor before applying for practicum or internship.

We look forward to speaking with you more about your career goals and how we can partner together to save lives……..

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