Orlando Mental Health recognizing International Women’s Month

Here is an interesting fact. Women make up more than 70% of the behavioral health workforce. Before International Women’s Month comes to an end, we want to highlight the vital role that women have played in behavioral health around America, in our Central Florida community, and here at Aspire Health Partners.

At Aspire, our staffing reflects those U.S. statistics – 72% of our employees are women, and 67% of our executive management team are also women. You might ask “How does this impact the care our patients receive?” Well, recent studies found that women in healthcare fields were more effectively empathetic than their male counterparts and patients often prefer women practitioners more, as they seek compassion in the care they receive.

As you can see, women play a special role here at Aspire and that helps us truly champion the first pillar of Aspire’s mission: Providing the highest quality of compassionate, comprehensive, and affordable behavioral health care in Central Florida.

We’re grateful to be surrounded by so many incredible, brilliant, and compassionate women here at Aspire and in our community. We know our community is blessed by their leadership, commitment, and caring. Please take a moment to let the women in your life know you appreciate them… especially during International Women’s Month!