Detox Services at Aspire (Central Florida)

The recent, tragic story of  overdoses in north Florida reminds us that communities across our nation, including Central Florida, continue to struggle with drugs and alcohol. While the stigma associated with substance abuse often includes negative stereotypes, it is important to remember that these are our neighbors, our friends, and our family members who have found themselves in very challenging situations. At Aspire, we strive to respect the dignity of everyone we work with on their personal journey to recovery.

Typically, the journey towards recovery begins with  detoxification  from the substances that cloud the brain, and which the body has become physically dependent on. It is important to remember that for someone who finds themself dependent on a substance, it may be extremely difficult or even impossible for them to get sober by themselves. It’s okay to need help, and it’s important to ask for it. If you know someone who might need help from an addictive substance, take a look at some of our affordable (and confidential!) options here at Aspire:

Access Center: provides intake screening services for both involuntary and voluntary clients, provided on an in-house, walk-in basis for individuals seeking care for themselves or family.

Addictions Receiving Facility: provides 24/7 medically-supervised detoxification and stabilization for adults with substance abuse and/or co-occurring mental health disorders.

Medication Assisted Treatment: provides comprehensive medical, psychiatric, and behavioral counseling care for adults addicted to substances on an outpatient basis.

For more information about our detoxification and other substance abuse treatment services, call us at (407) 875-3700 and select  option “3”. One of our team members will walk you through all of our available programs and services that might be a fit for you or your loved one.

Let’s continue to educate ourselves and offer options to those who are struggling around us. Aspire is here to give hope and help to all those who are in need.