The Truth About MDW

This weekend, there are two things we hope you plan to do: Observe and Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend.

It is so important that we pause to recognize the significance of these kind of national holidays. We also think it can be easy to forget what a special day, like Memorial Day, is really all about. The pool parties, the barbecues, and the togetherness we often enjoy during this time is a wonderful thing. But let’s pause, even in this moment, to think about the heroes of the past who have allowed us to enjoy the kind of life and liberty we have.

Memorial Day started in 1868, after the end of the Civil War, as a day to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers. In 2000, Congress established the National Moment of Remembrance which calls for a moment of reflection at 3:00pm on Memorial Day. Many of us have a family member who served in the military and who is missed dearly. Make a note to pause at 3:00pm on Monday to be mindful of the incredible, selfless sacrifice they, and so many others, have made.

While remembering those who have passed can feel sobering and may even bring back feelings of grief, it’s important to also enjoy the extra day of rest that Memorial Day Weekend provides many of us. Let us honor those who fought for our freedom by creating and enjoying positive and uplifting environments with friends and family during our time off.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!