In Celebration of Football Season

Football season has officially kicked off! And we know of no other activity so universally loved in our community. For many, the rituals and traditions of football season are something they have looked forward to for 6 months. Whether at the tailgate, the bar, in the stadium, or at home, let’s make sure our excitement doesn’t result in overconsumption that ruins the game for us and those around us.

Here are four things to be mindful of this football season:

  • Emotions: There is nothing like that rush when your team scores the winning touchdown, but when emotions cause outbursts, conflicts with a relationship, or results in an urge to turn to substances, those positive emotions can quickly turn negative. Check in with yourself and others, emotionally, during and after a game.
  • Eating: Keep it simple: if you struggle with indulgence, especially as it pertains to healthy goals or eating habits, be mindful of the environment you’re entering. Set yourself up for success by thinking and planning ahead.
  • Substances: While there is no healthy place for dangerous drugs, there is a way to enjoy and practice moderation when consuming alcohol. Plan ahead, drink slowly, and hydrate between drinks to stay healthy and safe.
  • Sun & Heat: Football may be a “fall” sport in other areas of the country, but here in Florida it is still summer. If you are tailgating, or just sitting in the stands, hydrate properly and be sure to protect yourself from the sun.

Football games are special. Fans of all ages, genders, races, religions, and ethnicities come together to cheer on their teams. We can all enjoy the fun of the game, see friends, and be part of something that brings us joy!

If you or someone you know is struggling with moderation this football season and you have questions or need some help, call us at (407) 875-3700, option 3. Our behavioral healthcare professionals will help you identify your needs, make an appropriate referral and help schedule an appointment if appropriate.