Celebrating Recovery

September is “National Recovery Month”.  I would like to use this opportunity to help raise awareness of prevention, treatment, and recovery programs, including those at Aspire. You may be aware of who Aspire is, what we do in our communities (Greater Orlando, Tampa, and now Georgia!), and how to reach us when in need, but Recovery Month is about spreading the message of hope. It’s about getting these resources out to those who need them but may not know where to start.

First, I want to remind everyone that recovery is a process. Like most journeys, it doesn’t always progress in a straight line, and there may be setbacks. Like any endeavor to change and to grow, it will take effort. Most importantly, recovery means learning new things about yourself and your individual journey, building on what you have learned, setting and revising goals, and continuing to work towards a healthier self!

I would love for you to help us accomplish two things for Recovery Month:

  1. Spread the word about the resources Aspire has available. Re-share a social media post from our pages, give a friend our hotline number (407-875-3700), or look at the services on our website and see if someone you care about could benefit from one, and share it!
  2. Whether you have gone through the process of recovery yourself or know someone who has or is going through it now, take the time to truly celebrate it! It is a huge accomplishment to even begin the path to recovery.

One of the greatest joys of being a leader in the mental health space is seeing people recover. Let us celebrate Recovery Month together this September, and all the good the recovery journey brings to us and our loved ones.