Affordable Mental Health Programs & Services in Central Florida

Thankfully, advocacy and awareness of the importance of mental health is being increasingly talked about. Certainly, you will hear me encourage everyone to take a look at their mental well-being in my weekly messages. But the reality is, many people do not explore support and care for their mental health needs because of the cost.

Here is an incredibly sad statistic from the National Alliance on Mental Illness: Nearly 50% of Floridians did not get the mental health care they needed during the first year of the pandemic – and nearly 50% said it was because of the cost. NAMI also reported that 13% of these Floridians were uninsured.

Did you know that Aspire Health Partners provides Central Floridians with affordable behavioral health care services and counseling, whether they have insurance or not? It is a big part of why we exist – to reduce the number of people that need help but cannot access it because of cost.

How can we do this? First, we receive many grants and contracts from local, state, and federal sources to provide services for those without insurance and that are otherwise unable to pay for the services themselves. This allows us to provide the care that you and your family need, so that you do not have to worry about the affordability. Second, as a non-profit organization, we do not have shareholders that receive a financial return on an investment. We reinvest the revenue we generate back into our services so that we can provide the highest quality of compassionate, comprehensive and cost effective integrated behavioral health care possible.

We hope you will spread the word about Aspire’s programs and services to someone you know who may be struggling with their behavioral health. Whether it is depression, substance abuse, PTSD, or other mental issues, we can help! Please remind them that Aspire can connect them with professional help, even if they do not have health insurance. Call (407) 875 -3700, option 3. We want you to take care of the health of you and your loved ones today, and we will take care of the affordability.