What Does “Rehab” Mean?

Can we have a conversation about “rehab“? Many associate the term with residential substance abuse treatment, and others may think of “rehab” in terms of physical therapy. Rehabilitation, however, is simply about recovery and getting better. Oxford defines rehabilitation as “the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy.”

At Aspire, we look at rehabilitation holistically: We start by stabilizing the individual if they are in crisis. Then, we look at each individual’s unique needs… body, mind, and spirit. A successful journey to rehabilitation must address all physical, mental, and behavioral health issues.

One way you can help foster restoration in our community, and break the stigma often associated with mental health and substance use disorders, is by challenging any preconceptions that “rehab” solely means drug treatment or physical therapy. Broaden your understanding by learning the terms and what they mean. Educate yourself on the resources that are available and share them with those in your life who may need them.

Aspire provides an opportunity to get healthy, to recover, and to rehabilitate. If there are areas of your life, or someone close to you, that could use rehabilitation to get healthy again, please contact our Call Center at (407) 875-3700, Option 3. You will be connected with a behavioral healthcare professional that can help you, or your loved one, identify your needs, make an appropriate referral, and help schedule an appointment. The Call Center is available 24/7 and it’s 100% confidential!