Central Florida & Mental Health Month

It’s great to reflect on how our Central Florida community continues to come together on issues that are important to us. This community has worked hard to draw attention to, and prioritize, mental health and substance abuse issues. Advancing behavioral health and getting people the help they need, when they need it, is important to all of us, and it improves our community.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and if you’re someone who believes in mental health care, we hope you’ll take a second to think about what you can do this month to help.

At Aspire, our mission is providing the highest quality of compassionate, comprehensive and cost effective integrated behavioral health care. We believe that every person has worth, that every individual deserves respect and dignity, and that everyone has the ability to improve their mental wellbeing.

To accomplish these worthy goals, we need your help. Every day, rising costs and increasing demand make it harder and harder to provide the services we offer. If ensuring access to mental healthcare is important to you, we hope you will consider supporting us, as we work to help those who are vulnerable in our community.

If you have the ability to give, please visit

With your help, we can Save Lives, Transform Communities, and Change the World.