Exercising Patience During These Challenging Times

It may feel like everything in our world is rapidly changing right now. There’s no paradigm for the present, and even the experts are constantly working to chart new courses as we’re faced with new changes every day. Now is the time for us to learn and exercise the virtue of patience.

If you’re faced with uncertainty, like many of us are right now, there may not always be clear answers- or those answers may take time to discover. If life has brought changes, whether they are small or large, simple or frightening, it’s normal to not get things exactly as you wanted on your first try navigating through a new routine.

We tend to be hardest on ourselves when faced with difficult decisions in unprecedented times. My message to you this week is to be gentle, patient and kind with yourself. If you’ve found that to be difficult lately, seek to rediscover your natural, human emotions. Allow yourself to feel.

I know your patience may be greatly tried right now, and changes are not always easy to face. However, quick fixes are often unrealistic and long-term transformation requires patience and time. When first setting out to face these new changes in your lives, take small steps in the direction of your goals and in improving your behavioral health. You will often find yourself on the road to long-term success before you know it. So much is possible when you start with a mindset rooted in patience, perseverance, and loving-kindness towards yourself and those around you.