Making Mental Health a Part of Your New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions are a fun tradition and a great way to signify our desire to take a step towards positive change. As someone that has worked in the behavioral health industry for many years, I have found that “positive” mental health can be a powerful starting point for all positive goals that we set for ourselves. I recently read a report about some of the most common resolutions established during this time of year. If you’re thinking about your overall health as you plan for 2022, here are areas I recommend incorporating into your plan for making this year better than the last:

  • Reduce your anxiety. We live in very anxiety-triggering times. News about politics, pandemics, and other issues can trigger fear, create stress, and keep us constantly alert. Make it a goal to limit interaction and consumption of the things that create anxiety for you. There’s a key difference between being updated and getting overloaded. Allow yourself space to recover and rest.
  • Connect with real life again. As technology advances, and our use of it to access news and entertainment grows, we spend less time outdoors and interacting with other people. The events of the past 2 years have exacerbated this trend. Consider taking some time to nurture your connections beyond virtual spaces and reconnect safely with people, hobbies, and places you may have grown distant from.
  • Don’t do it alone. In most areas of our lives, it’s second nature to call for help when we need it. We go to the doctor when sick, call a plumber for broken pipes, or take our car to a mechanic if it isn’t running right. We need to do the same when struggling with mental and behavioral challenges. If you’re struggling with depressive thoughts, overwhelming anxiety, difficult relationships, substance use, or anything else that may be weighing you down, consider making it a goal to reach out and ask for help.

Resolving to make positive changes is a wonderful thing! If the last suggestion resonated with you, or you realized that you or someone you know need expert support to get to a good place in 2022, please reach out to my team here at Aspire. They are here 24/7 to help you succeed with your mental health journey this year. Call today: (407) 375-8700 option 3.