It’s time for us to CONNECT

Loneliness, depression, various fears, money issues and feeling disconnected… these are real issues that impact us and our loved ones. Some of these issues can seem insurmountable and truly are too much for one person to carry alone. But there is always hope and help available, for everyone. At Aspire Health Partners we see how these impact families every day.

I recently read a message on suicide awareness and prevention from The Action Alliance, where they said “connectedness is a proven protective factor against suicide.” But no one could have foreseen how a pandemic would drive us to the greatest depths of isolation and disconnection we have seen in our history. And in the wake, we have an amplified opportunity to address mental health and suicide in our communities, and connect people to life-saving services and intervention programs.

So I want to challenge you that if you are someone hurting right now, or you know someone who you fear has lost hope and the will to live, find a way to talk to us. And if you are someone who has a heart for bringing healing to others, I hope you will join us in breaking the stigmas surrounding mental health issues and suicide, and share the resources available to help us save lives. It’s time we connect. It’s time we heal. It is time we work to save the lives of those struggling all around us who have given up on their lives.

At Aspire we’re always working to expand our reach and services until we’ve connected with every person in need, with the help and hope they deserve. This has led us to launch a new service this Fall, the Adult Mobile Response Team. This team is composed of compassionate professionals who will provide 24-hour mobile crisis intervention for adults experiencing severe mental or emotional health crises that need to be addressed quickly before they become emergencies. This service will operate in Orange and Seminole counties, and includes assessments, stabilization, counseling, and additional support services.

Please help us connect this message to our community members, neighbors and loved ones who need it: you are seen, you are heard, you are loved… and there is healing to be found. Please call (407) 875-3700 to talk to someone or learn more about the Mobile Response Team.

You can get help today, you can make a difference today…and we are here to make that happen.