What Kids Teach Us During the Holidays

Our holiday season has kicked into full gear! I am so looking forward to the soft change in weather, and how this time of year can steer our focus away from the business of life and onto celebrations and the key relationships that mean so much to us. That is why this season is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year.

After an especially challenging 2020, I’m grateful our families, and particularly our kids, will be able to enjoy activities surrounding fall activities this year. It is a time for us all to step aside, engage with our neighbors, and feel a sense of community again. This year, Halloween was more than just trick or treating; it was the start of opportunities to rekindle the connections that bind us all together.

I encourage you to seek joy and embrace optimism as we approach this holiday season. No one was immune from the stress that took over our community and disrupted our lives during the heights of the pandemic. We know how deeply it affected our precious children and young adults. Holidays like Halloween, if you celebrate it, can be a time to encourage our youngest to just be kids again: playing pretend, making new friends, spending time outside, and yes, satisfying (or over-indulging for a night) our sweet tooth.

Maybe there’s something for us “adults” to learn from that too. That a moment of rest, reconnecting, and pure fun, can be just the remedy we all need this fall.