What Makes Us Different, Makes Us Great

As we’re approaching the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, I think about how all of the unique cultures in Central Florida have impacted our community. Our region is made greater by the different places and perspectives we all bring forward. In Central Florida, nearly 1 in every 3 of our neighbors are of Hispanic or Central American origin. I want to take some time this month to honor Hispanic heritage and all that is brought to our beautiful community of Greater Orlando. Taking the time to listen to individual experiences and personal perspectives can positively impact how we work together as a community. Our cultures are a key part of our identity, and it is important to take the time to celebrate that.

We all have our own family traditions, outlooks, and views of the world. These views and our personal histories then have an impact on how we address issues, overcome challenges, plan ahead, and of course, how we relate to others. This allows us to not only celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of our own personal culture, but also to see where we can share, collaborate, and learn from others. What an amazing opportunity our diversity brings!

When I think about what makes Central Florida great, I put our DIFFERENCES on the top of my list. It is easy to unite around the ways we are similar; but our community has been at its best in the most difficult moments and has been defined on how we unite under one banner together. As we face the challenges that the past years have brought us, it is important to come together and celebrate each other.

Let’s remember this week, as we honor our Hispanic brothers and sisters, that “Orlando United” is a creed we embrace every day, together. It is our privilege here at Aspire to partner with all of you in your journeys to happiness and good health, as we look towards our shared future.

Babette, CEO, Aspire Health Partners