Lilly’s Garden Memorial

Lily’s Garden is a memorial garden that pays tribute to Lily Quintus, who was lost last year at the age of four in the Kinder Care accident on Goldenrod Road. Lily was the beloved only granddaughter of Aspire Health Partners’ Tom Greenman, Senior Vice President of Acute Care Services.

This garden was installed by Aspire’s landscaping department and includes butterfly plants and lilies. It also contains an angel statue and a sign stating “Lily’s Garden”.

whole garden


Lily’s Garden –  A Memorial to Lily Quintus with statues, butterfly plants and lilies


Please take a moment to stop by and see the garden when you are near our Princeton Plaza location (1800 Mercy Drive Orlando, FL 32808). You can view the garden from inside of the large hallway near the Medication Clinic. This is our way of showing Tom that we will never forget his loss and together we can enjoy looking at a beautiful spot that Lily would have loved.