CFDFL “Unsung Heroes” Recognized at 2012 Adolescent Conference

The Florida Juvenile Justice Association (FJJA) and Florida Alcohol and Drug Association (FADAA) recognized and celebrated “Unsung Heroes” at the 2012 Adolescent Conference in Orlando.  Honorees were nominated by their organizations as individuals who exemplified someone who accomplished wonderful things in working with youth with no expectation of a reward or acknowledgement.

The Center for Drug-Free Living is proud to have three of our team members recognized this year.

Name: Troy Nielson

Title: Director of Adolescent Residential

Troy is one of those “unsung heroes” who does the work of twenty people, yet when it comes time to be acknowledged, he is nowhere to be found. He is compassionate, kind and truly cares about those whom he serves. He has a great rapport with youth. They recognize that his concern for them is truly genuine.

Name: Babette F. Hankey

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Babette is compassionate, dedicated, giving, understanding and sincere, always giving 150%. She involves herself at every level, listening to a youth’s story or listening to an employee struggling with personal issues. She makes herself available always, and asks nothing in return.

Name: Joseph Nixon

Title: Administrative Director of Juvenile Justice Programming

Joseph is committed to the youth others cast away as “lost causes.”  He provides the right mix of compassion, concern, discipline and guidance, believing all youth have the potential to succeed. He oversees three juvenile justice programs and he knows every youth.  He is always available to youth, which speaks to his character and dedication.