Pre Test

We appreciate your taking the time to please respond to the following questions below. Please read the questions and choose the best answer. You will receive one (1) point for correct answers and zero (0) points for incorrect answers. The two final questions are not graded.

    Question 1:

    The populations that are statistically at risk in Orange County are:

    Question 2:

    African American women represent what percentage of HIV diagnoses among women?

    Question 3:

    Which of the following is not a way to create an adolescent-friendly environment in your practice?

    Question 4:

    What does the P in the P.L.I.S.S.I.T. stands for?

    Question 5:

    You can tell someone's sexual orientation by the way they look or talk.

    Question 6:

    A patient should be called he or she depending on their biological sex.

    Question 7:

    The five Ps recommended by the CDC are:

    Question 8:

    Practices refers to:

    Question 9:

    Adolescents represent a high risk for STDs because

    Question 10:

    Do you feel comfortable and capable of discussing sexual health issues with your patients?

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